October 2017 – Canadian Masters has NEW team ski suits!!!

Thanks to Wendy Grater, Pat Pearce and Sheila Lenes for their help with this long awaited ski suit project to help organize the design and manufacturing of a new two piece ski suit for our skiers from across Canada!!!

The two piece suit designed in part by Jakroo here in Vancouver BC and support from Fresh Air Experience in Ottawa, Ontario for allowing us to use their swirling maple leaf graphics!  Jon from Fresh Air in Ottawa was very supportive of our association and its goal to keep Masters skiers skiing and racing regardless of age or ability.  If you are in the Ottawa area please drop in and thank Jon and spend a few bucks!

The two piece suit will be available to order with the next few weeks or early November through an on-line store set up for our Association.  The on-line store will be open for three weeks and then all orders will be manufactured for delivery within three weeks to our members across Canada.

Cost is $180.00 for two pieces as well as Provincial sales taxes and delivery.

Sizes will be available from XS to XL with a slim option as well.  We will send out sizing details soon. Some of our BC members will be helping try on a variety of sizes from a Fit Kit so we can have a better idea of proper fits for the wide range of body types.  Top and bottoms can be ordered in different sizes through the on line store!

Pictures of this new design will be uploaded soon onto our Canadian Masters National website and here on BC site!

Lots of good feedback from our Provincial Directors and skiers already and we will look great with this new Jakroo Standard Thor design with 100% Canadian design!

Thanks Again to Fresh Air Experience in Ottawa!



2 Responses to October 2017 – Canadian Masters has NEW team ski suits!!!

  1. Pete darienzo says:

    I will be skiing my 38 American Birkebeiner .. and the world Masters in The twin cities .. I would love to be able to wear a Canadian Masters suit .. grew up on the border between Cornwall and Massena with family roots in Canada ..
    can I buy one ?
    Pete D’Arienzo

    • Mike Bell says:

      Hello Pete,
      All the best in your 39th Birkie! Hope the snow cooperates this year and you have a great race. You are welcome to order a new Canadian Masters suit and if you can join Canadian Masters that would be great! Check out the Canadian Masters website for details on ordering or shoot me an email at mikebell10@gmail.com and can assist with links etc.

      Hope to see you in Minneapolis for Masters World Cup!



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